2012 Prints

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Flowers of Basalt


Sulphur occurs in natural deposits on the edges of volcanoes and is known as Brimstone. A useful description for the volcanic convulsions of this Hebridean Basalt and the hellish atmosphere of the cliffs. When the sulphurous vapours condense on the colder surfaces of the rock around the crater of a volcano, they look like lichens. Under a microscope the crystals resemble flowers and are called “Flowers of Sulphur”.

On the rocks and cliffs of the Shiant Isles they radiate out from tightly packed warts to lacy extremities festooning the cliffs. Using all the different cliff faces, rocks, tidal areas and sea water colours I have made the “Flowers of Basalt”.

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Each print in an edition of 5 (100cmx100cm) +2 artists copies
Each print in an edition of 10 (72cmx72cm) +3 artists copies
Each print in an edition of 15 (33cmx36cm) +3 artists copies

Printed on 255g/m 100% cotton Somerset Enhanced Velvet Paper by Andrew Turnbull at Digital Print Studios.